Apr 27

How Far?

We had a lockdown Tuesday.
Our first one since all that's happened with Stoneman Douglas.
The announcement came over the speakers,
And we went to the corner of the room.
The one farthest from doors,
Farthest from windows.
We sat on the floor,
Huddled together.
It went as any other one had in the past,
We stayed quiet,
With the occasional whisper.
The sound of my classmates quietly playing out beats and rhythms on the floor.
Trying to desperately keep their minds at bay.
Pushing away the thought that this could be real.
That this could actually be happening.
As three minutes turned into five.
Five into fifteen.
We realized that these news stories that we’ve been tracking,
We could turn into one of them.
As we begin to wrap our minds of what could be happening,
The door opened and we all froze.
There were no more smiles,
No more drum solos on the floor.
We stopped and listened,
It was another teacher coming in to tell us that we did a great job in the drill.
That our principle would get on the speakers and tell us to resume our classes.
Because it was just a drill.
But we didn't know that until it was over.
Every time an announcement comes on,
Kids shoot glances at each other.
Seeing if anyone knows anything.
But no one ever does.

It’s  two days later and I saw a news story
About a kid planning a shooting, with mass casualties,
Planned to happen to Fair Havens High School.
But he was released.
Because planning isn’t attempting.
Because they had found a loophole,
In our crippling justice system,
Well in need of repair.
Because this kid walks free.
While everyone in that school,
In their community,
In the state,
Is wondering if they’re safe.
Worrying that if he can get away with that,
What else is possible?
Maybe he didn’t attempt mass murder,
But he was planning on it.
How far would this have gone before he was stopped,
If a classmate didn't say something?
How much farther are we gonna let these things go,
Before we make a change?