May 11
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Yellow. A color that is so often underrated. It falls far behind green and blue on the pyramid of favorite colors. We don’t often realize how important it is. How it is part of the color spectrum for a reason. A very important reason. This color has an innate ability to cheer us up. Even so, some may say that yellow isn’t cheery. That it is merely a color too blaring and bright to be appreciated. But as we look around, taking in the world, yellow is a color that is ingrained into many of the things we see and use every day.

Sunflowers. Tall and majestic, that spread their lively petals toward the sky. It is a flower that is appreciated by many, an emblem of fall and blue skies. Bananas. A fruit that is a favorite of many. It brightens up any bowl of fruit placed on the counter. Pineapples. Another that may be found in your kitchen. Their color from within far greater than that on the outside. It infiltrates your taste buds with it’s sweet and tangy signature flavor. Bumblebees. Their wings aflutter as they collect pollen to make something sweet to enjoy, with their  black and yellow stripes setting them apart.

Wildflowers, bird feathers, even the sun, all have one thing in common. Yellow. Yellow is a color that has the ability to add color and brightness, into almost any setting. It fills you with a feeling of warmth. It can transport you into a field of buttercups, their soft and sweet smell in your nose and you bask under the warm rays of the afternoon sun, soaking in this feeling even on the coldest days of winter. This color can contain some of our happiest memories, and transport us to these times when we most need them.

All of this is in hopes that the next time you see yellow, you do not percept it as a color that is too bright or too loud, but merely a color. A color with the potential to be great, if only given the chance.

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