May 12
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You were a dark, abandoned chapel
At the end of a long and winding road
You were the place to which I escaped
On the nights that I needed to be alone
The words that collected between my lips
Spilled onto pages, the poems that I wrote
For you, for pain, for love, for the world
Journals filled with heart and anecdotes.

I could write for hours and hours
And still be without words to show how I am feeling
How you are the best thing in my life
My masterpiece on the chapel ceiling
You may call me Michelangelo
And I will call you, my love, Sistine
For of all the wonders in this world
You are the most worth seeing.

I believe shattered glass to be beautiful
And scribbles in margins worth reading
That every word is meaningful
Regardless of who is speaking
You live your life by different rules
You call me young and naive
So alone, I walk your hallowed halls
To show you that rules are worth bending. 

​And if at any time
You need some light
To show you the truth
Or to escape your mind
My dear, I would gladly
Set myself on fire
Or burn this holy city 
For you.

I would take your silence any day
Over the bustling streets of Vatican City
I know, from the outside it may look strange
But you are the only one who hears me.
The scratching of my pen against the paper
My light footsteps and deep breathing
For we both have trod lightly on the Earth
And found ourselves so far from Italy.

So know, Sistine, that you are my home
And it is for you that I sit here in silence
I know, from the outside, I may look alone
To those who do not care to listen
To the sound of your heart's echoing chambers
To angels with faces so plain and painted
Stained glass straining against the sun
And whispers of long-dead artists.