May 23

Texted Responses to VYP 2018 -- High School Cold Readings Round 1

Response to VYP 2018 High School Cold Readings Round 1 

#1: St. Johnsbury Academy (Crave, Hannah Panda); #2: Twinfield Union High School (Not a Spaghetti Western, Liv Boucher); #3: Thetford Academy (A Geeks Problem, Jade Elias); $4: Hannaford Career Center,(Maple Drive, Mitchel Tierney); #5: Spaulding High School (Caveat Empire, Emma Riddle).

5: I really liked how the premise was largely unexplained, forcing us to come up with a world and some explanation of the toy/human relationship
"5 it was very original, never heard anything like it. maybe develop the female human a little more.
5- FOR ACTORS please wait for the other actors to finish the lines
5: Mention the performance for the king earlier; earlier its said that they're just tourists. I love the originality!
5- You did an amazing job working with unique character and dialog. Maybe it would be nice if there was a bit more closure to the story?
5: I loved the character development
5-- I guess she was boxed in. I loved it and I was  it was interesting and I was drawn in. I just wanted to hear the next line (helpful hint. Wait for th
5 love that the nutcracker had a nut allergy
5: I loved the originality and plot
5 -  I WANT to know MORE!!! This would make a lovely book, movie, tv

4 I want to know more about the characters and why are they all together.  More backstory.
4: the hacking part felt a little cliche but the rest was amazing 
4 awesome, totally believeable that they are college students
4- So funny and intense, I couldn't stop watching.
4: The character shift in the ending is a bit sudden. Love the rise of drama!
4: I loved the comedy aspect but I feel like there needs more of a conclusion
4 I love the plot twist!! 
4: I thought everything was great! The only thing was that the hacking part seemed a little far fetched.
4- This is some of the best dark humor I've seen 
4: If Finn is suppose to be "kinda a jerk", then why isn't that evident in the play? Max seems like the real jerk.
#4 - OH MY GOD IM LAUGHING SO HARD THIS IS GREAT. i love how each character represents a different aspect of how people react in stressful situations! really great job!
4 AHHHHH the dramatic scenes work so well!!!!!

3 maybe you could have the actor who's the voice be never seen.
3: The end was good and it could have been more emotional if it was prolonged
3 loved the relationship of the sis and brother it felt real
3--Alex) this made me miss my brother. It was great. 
3 ~ WOW WOW WOW wonderful! Great message! I want to know more about the brother.
3- Inner dialog was great but it could maybe be a little shorter?
3 I'm crying.  I understand.   Thank you for writing this.  I'm cry
3: Doctor Who reference 
3: It might be helpful to use a second actor to display the internal voice. Great use of references to develop the character!
#3 - it's confusing to have the voice of ray and ray be played by the same person. i was able to connect with this play and feel for ray and i love the development of the brother and how he helps her in the end !! super sweet and sad (not in a bad way you know)and relatable, great job!!
3- rays inner thoughts are very powerful
#3 super relatable!

2: I love the way the world was built in such a  ridiculous way and then just disbanded to tell a new story
2-- Alex) it had some dark humor toward the end. It was great. The comedy was great!!!! The actors really put the show together. You really made it different
2 I like how it jumps ,but maybe have a character slip up before the end.
2- I love the language you used to build the characters and the setting.
#2 - I liked how you kept it lighthearted and got creative with the Wild West theme
2: this is such a creative and amazing idea! Where on earth did the idea come from?
2. I loved how there was action from start to finish-- always kept me entertained!
2: I thought the breaking of the fourth wall was cool and funny.
2 love the 4th wall breaks!
2 I LOVE this!!!! So FUNNNY!!!!
#2: why ya gotta rag on the techies???
2: I love how you broke the fourth wall!
#2 Fresh take on time travel and clever use of actors to achieve stage magic/special effects
2 beautifuly original, completely unique with the spaghetti and the characters STUNNING!!

1: Loved the character development! There was a few things that seemed unanswered/not fully transitioned, like the discussion about the cashier's sister.
1 the character development was so amazing, and you were able to tell us more about the cashier woman too. Also, the relationship was so real and hum
1: I liked how the older women, was the ideal grandmother that everyone would want to confide in
1 where did you get this plot idea from ?
hannah- your play was wonderful and heart warming with a strong message!!
1-- I liked the fact that a strong message was shown. It was powerful and very heartfelt. Loved that it had a really great connection #girlpoweramiright
Play 1: awesome job making two really different characters fit so well together!
it was soooooo good! loved the white castle worker very well rounded character