May 23

Texted Responses to VYP 2018 -- Middle School Cold Readings


Response to Middle School cold readings. We apologize the responses to plays 1 & 2 somehow were not saved. 

#9 thank you for your wonderful play! The humor mixed with the conflict made it really interesting to watch.
#9 I really down to earth, about things that many people have experienced
#9 Do you relate to Ajax?
Play #9 haha the dEmOn was FuNNY!!!!!!!!!
#9 What was your inspiration for a good demon, usually they are a bad thing
#9 The message behind the story is powerful...(even though there is some humor) What is your take on the main point?

#8 I myself have experienced racism, and it made me very emotional. It was so powerful and I love it.
#8 this was the Best play I've ever heard in my life! You are amazing!
#8 that was powerful. When the two ladies spoke at the same time, I had goosebumps
#8 This was so amazing. So powerful and all around a beautiful piece
#8 did you want this to be like a slam poetry
#8 very deep, it really made me think
#8 this was such a powerful thing to hear; finding your purpose, discrimination,  racism and homophobia . This was something really amazing about being w
#8 That story was fantastic, really meaningful and strong! Do you want to be a poet/writer?
#8 Truly amazing. The message was powerful and informative. Love this.
#8 wow that was deep
#8 powerful and very courageous - well done
#8 very moving and beautiful play. Powerful language and very purposeful
#8 I LOVED this message. Have you ever experienced racism in your life aimed toward you?

#7 great job Tyler! The idea of basing a comedy on Park rangers is really amusing!
#7) was there a message that you had in mind?
I loved the comedy of the tourist. Even though she was a small character she had a lot of personality
#7 the entire idea of the treatment was pretty good! I enjoyed the banter between Carl and Dave
#7I love the humor
#7 Do u have inspiration
#7 have you ever gone to Yellowstone park?
#7 you have no idear how funny that was!
#7 I loved the 2 different parts and the element of surprise. But you could have made Carl a more complicated character and explained why he didn't like
#7 Do you have any inspirations
Play #7 what did the buffalo say to his son when he went to college?  Bison
#7 I love the idea of the "treatment"
#7 that was really funny,  how did you get your jokes

#6 Your a great writer keep up the great work!
#6 was the teacher based off of one of your teachers. Did you run into any problems writing this?
#6 has this ever happened to you?
6 which character did you related to? And Wich did you enjoy writing
#6 very honorable message. It really connects to the story
#6 this was actually very realistic! I found myself getting second hand embarrassment and anger towards Georgie :(
#6 how did you come up with the story, was it inspired by a real life experience?
Play #6 basically summed up all the teachers I've ever had. Good job!

#5 Did Maddie ever get new heels
#5 this is amazing play and I love the character of Samuel, he seemed eager to show Mad die the beauty of his home
#5 I really like the change of character
#5 why did you choose Cora Rica over other countries that have it's same qualitys
#5 Your characters were portrayed well. You had a great plot. Very creative.
#5 really cool play, i like how the characters were two opposites at the start and than came closer at the end
#5 you captured the fear and hesitation of being in a new unfamiliar place
All hail the queen
#5 have you ever gone to Costa Rica or know anyone who did. Do you know Spanish well?
It was a great story! Do you really like to look at the stars?
#5 this was really beautiful! I loved the character change and dialogue
#5 I found the balance of Spanish and English interesting
#1 what was your inspiration? Have you wanted to travel abroad?
Play #5 wholesome. Good content.

#4 Great job! You're a great writer, keep it up
#4 Good play my friend. Edgy joke. I'm so sad right now. 
Play #4 saucy
#4 was so good
Play #4 I like comedy and edgy jokes and this was the perfect mix! ;) g o o d j o b
#4 very creative - so typical of young children's understanding of church!
#4 the little boy was quite a clown
#4 you really nailed the whole older cousins things. I can kinda relate to the older kids , I used to act the same way when I was younger; acting all snarky towards the younger cousins because they're older and smarter
#4 are you religious? What problems or road blocks did you run into when writing this play
#4 I can totally relate with this. Reminds me of my childhood at church.
#4 Quality. Provoked some emotion from the crowd. Zombies are cool animals in my opinion.
#4 sorry for you loss. I loved this play! Did you understand this when you were this age
#4 your an amazing writer I love that you took such a serious topic and made it funny. I love this SO much
#4 really good play, very funny if you made this play longer what would you do
#4 I love it, the play is great. I love the characters and how little they know about god.
#4 This play had such amazing character interactions and dialogue! I love the ideas here and the creativity it must have taken. The was really realistic and hilarious, and had a subtle message (I think)
#4 I love it, the play is great. I love the characters and how little they know about god.
#4 Loved the humor! Gilbert reminds me of my little cousin!
#4 Really funny!  Did you consider, though, how religious people might think this is a little disrespectful?
#4 it was so funny! And relatable!! I can imagine all that happening!!
#4 straight fire play.
#4 SO GOOD! Loved Gilbert!!
#4 I enjoyed this play but get the feeling it could be a little touchy for some people.
4, TOO funny! Reminded me of my little cousins. The dialogue is spot on for their ages!

#3 Awesome play why would the mom visit without the dad
#3 gnarly play. Totally loved it
#3 Very relatable, but how many moms does the son have. He said that she was his favorite mom
Play # 3 Caleb reminded me of a friend I met here last year named George. The mom was also very relatable
#3 awesome dialogue and super funny.
#3 this is so realistic it reminds me of my family. Your such a great writer, keep it up
#3 I loved the whole interaction with Caleb and May! It really added to the story
#3 Great Job Tess!!! I loved the dialogue