May 25

This is a warning

April 26, 2015
Richard tom was struck by a drunk
driver while Riding his bike 
in Hinesburg, Vermont.
He was less than a mile
away from his house.

I guess home really is where
there heart is,
Since the last beating
of his heart near his front doorstep!
That was almost 3 years 
ago today.
In Vermont, 2017 sixty-nine people
died from car accidents alone.

Eileen O’Brien, 59.

Michael Petralia, 22.

Kelly Boe, 55.

Emma Press, 24.
The lives of those lost aren't worth
the $5.79 for a pack for a beer.

When you drink and drive it's not just 
YOUR life your risking it's, 

The biker,

The neighbor,

The sister,

The brother,
You see, 
Stop signs are meant to be red.

So stop painting the roads red with
the blood of bystanders,

Or you.
This isn't just another lesson from a
health class you won't pay attention too.

Or an unnoticed flyer
stapled to a telephone pole.
This is a warning.

Because if you hear the screams of
a survivor after a crash,

Because their passenger
unconscious in the back seat.
You will wonder why you hadn't
learned this lesson before,
When the content was
easier to understand.
April 14 2018

Sheridan durochina drove into
a telephone pole.
I guess he didn't read the
flyers close enough,

Because now,
We're right back where we started.

By mimi and jaxia