Jun 22


He has so many ideas stuffed inside his head
wadded up papers thrown in trash cans
recycled over and over
some good, some bad
no time to root through all the muck
but he worries that the information in his brain folds
will be lost, mashed into nosense memories,
an unedited film that never ends.
He wants to share his mind with the world
he feels his ideas are significant, and that other people will care
so he installs a bluetooth chip in his brain
that's connected with his computer. It records and stores all his thoughts
as nice convenient data files.
The computer decides which files are worth keeping
the rest deleted, dumped down the digital void.

He goes through life day to day
thinking non stop, knowing that each thought
will be stored as data for later use.
One day he decided to take a look at his thoughts
and was met with an unpleasant shock
scrolling through the files, perplexed.
none of these thoughts are my own!
Who is this? Who hacked my brain?
This is all useless.
I’m not like this, I’m not such a boring pedestrian,
I’m not such a… pervert.
His self image shattered, in vain he smashes the computer to pieces
and cuts open his stumpy head.
With tweezers he gouges out the pesty chip
an invasive creature planted in his garden,
a metal weed uprooted,
smashed beneath his foot.

With that nightmare over, he quickly jumps onto the next technological fad.
He can’t understand others, he wants to know what they think
but worst of all he doesn’t understand himself, not one bit.
He can’t change his personality, it can’t be uninstalled,
a glitchy undefeatable video game.
He searches the web for cheat codes, but nothing comes up
So he replaces his brain
with a shiny new augmented cyberbrain
that is connected to a vast mental network,
a complex sticky mind web.
No longer an individual, he joins the hive.
Now people will finally understand each other
with their thoughts all in perfect sink.

A homeless man lying against a graffiti stained wall
stares at the people passing by him
their eyes glazed over, seeing another world
that he has been denied access to.
If only he could join them,
if only he wasn’t so alone.
A new form of 21rst century isolation
trapped inside your own mind.

About the Author: platypiguy101
William Keeton