Jun 23

Proud to Be

I wrote it on a flag.
His flag that flew from here to Florida and then home
With him.
I will miss you more than I even know yet,
I wrote.
 My blue permanent maker letters
Bled into the white nylon stripes.
Yes, I filled two of them;
Wordiness runs in my genes, in my ink,
And apparently on nylon, too.

I skipped the red stripe so that my message matched everyone else's.
But still, it didn't
Because I used two stripes.

Maybe it's because I've never been very patriotic.
Because, when he asked me if I'm proud of being an American,
I couldn't say, Yes.
I told him I am grateful for the opportunities I have as a woman in this country
My education and our free speech
But I couldn't say,
Yes. I am proud to be an American.

I hope he knows that I signed his flag anyway,
Because I am proud to be his friend.