Jul 24
poem 0 comments challenge: Stairs
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Suddenly, I'm awake.
I'm not 
where I fell asleep.
I'm not
in my bed, 
in my room,
at home.
I'm at a place
I never thought 
I'd see again,
Or want
to see again.
here I was, am.
The rain pours down,
half-sleet, half-water,
pitter-pattering on the roof
of my old school.
It's not frozen enough
to do any real damage,
it feels colder 
and sharper
than their words had,
through my confidence
and Hope
and heart—
so I ran.
I ran to the stairs
and sat,
nearly oblivious 
To the puddle 
I was sitting in,
to the kid staring
At me
through the window of a
passing car.
I now walk 
to that girl
Sitting on the stairs,
the girl I used to be,
The girl I gave up on.
I know what happens next,
And I don't want to watch.
Yet I do.
My eyes are frozen
to the scence unfolding.
I watch them sneak up
Behind me,
Hands full of mud,
Poised to throw,
And pelt,
And hurt.
But I was not too oblivious
To hear the crunch
Of ice,
And the slip
And yell
And fall
And scream 
That followed.
I jumped to my feet
And ran,
Fleeing the strange hatred
I feared, the hatred
I had no claim to.
Why me?
Yet words
And mud
Cannot control 
Who they're delivered to.
Only the senders can.
I ran from them,
Slipping, falling, skidding
Down the sidewalk
As twilight turned darker
And darker
To night,
Finally stumbling
Past the hedge
And down my driveway,
Ice saved me that day,
only after
Breaking me.
I suddenly wake up.
I'm still  
where I fell asleep.
I'm safe
in my bed, 
in my room,
at home.
I remember a place
I never thought 
I'd see again,
Or want
to see again,
Or be healed enough
To remember.
here I was, remembering.
Here I was, healed. 
Here I am, freed.