Jul 25

Sparking Memory

Distorted photo taken by moving the smart phone camera rapidly over the objects while in panarama mode, forcing it to stich together disjointed images to creat this one. I then drastically increased the exposure and decreased the vibrancy (along with some other minor adjustments) to give the image a glaring, dreamlike quality. 

two opposing magnets
one having wrenched it's
pole to the flipping point
found non-repelled in a Box

-ed in my mind
recently clouded by smoke
from this fire of burning Physics
of unnatural inversion
a ghostly turquoise-tinted photograph
face down
title an agonizing contradiction of it's Story

2 of the brick building
a sputtering teal flame
defyed the icecube walls
of vermillion Pig(ment)

creating with
my first condensed square of wax
melted by a solitary flame
reverting to a single Orange

glaring sneaker
misplaced in sunny solarity
though perhaps 2 can be worse than 1
if a greater absence is
the sum of presence 
importance is not a Number

of times my world has inverted
are forgotten
slurs are easier to live with than Stacatto

severance does not exist,
except as coda between rests
composers and babies cling to 
repetition as Safety

is dangerous,
each strike of the match 
breathes a dot of fire
till the brain is consumed in flames.