Jul 29

Scene Dump - Ravilo

"Hey, Ravi, are you sure your mom's here?" Julio called to him as the raven clambered off of the wagon they'd taken here from the port city miles away. "It seems so crowded.."
"It's what Colso told us. It's our best shot," his companion responded. The wagon wheeled away and the pair was left in the throng of people milling outside a walled town. 
"These people look like traders. We're better off asking around inside," the half-cat suggested - Ravi nodded. They pushed their way through the crowds, though not unkindly. The gates were open and they were able to slip inside easily.
There were fewer people in the walled town than outside. No one seemed to be milling around, so the pair kept walking on the main path. It led them to a building in what was the center of town, doors open. Some people were inside.
As Julio and Ravi stepped into the building, they noticed a woman in a chair. She was reading something and looked up at them. "Hello. I'm Lomone'. Can I help you with something?"
"Hi. We're looking for a woman. Her name's Meche.." Ravilo's eyes widened at Lomone''s expression. "Have you seen her?"
"Kecily! Get Crysto and Matt!" The brunette staggered to her feet, leaning on the chair. Her eyes darted back to Ravi from the other girl that had left the building. "I haven't heard that name in forever. You're a friend?"
Julio was the only one to notice the raven's slight trembling as he spoke. "No. She's my..mother. I've been looking for her for a long time."
The woman held a hand to her mouth, her voice hushed. "Ravilo? You're Ravilo, right? Gods, Corrin and Kecily thought you dead, so long ago. To think that you're here now.."
"You know my name?" Ravi was surprised, finally allowing himself to show a bit of emotion. He glanced towards the doorway. "Where's my mother? My father? They're here too, right?"
Lomone' swallowed. "I'd better let Crysto tell you that."
As if right on cue, the woman called Kecily walked through the door again. Behind her were two men - a shorter one whose eyes widened at Ravi, and a taller one behind him. Both had faded scars on their palms. 
"Lomo? Who's this? Why does he look like.." The white-haired, shorter man trailed off. He was scrutinizing Ravi up and down, settling on his face.
"Crysto, he's Ravilo. From all those years ago. Meche's son." Lomone's voice was hard. Crysto's face froze as he processed this and he nearly fell to his knees.
"You..look just like her.." Crysto murmured, walking towards Ravi as if in a trance. "Your eyes..just like hers." The older man hugged Ravi to him, almost shaking. "She would be proud to see you now."
"What do you mean, "see me now'?" A note of panic entered Ravi's voice as his uncle let him go. "Is she..is she..?!"
Crysto was crying. "Yes. She's gone, but you're here. I never thought I'd see those eyes again."

this would sound better in first person. maybe ill redo it but for now imma leave it. i need to actually finish it but i also need to eat. its hard for me to choose between food and writing but i gotta choose something amirite

i was gonna rewrite this in first it would be through ravi's eyes. those icy eyes he got from his mom and that crysto also has.
this would also be more emotional if
i didn't write this on 5 hours of sleep.