Aug 05

We Sink

"We are the sleepers, we bite our tongues
We set the fire and we let it burn.."
- Of Monsters and Men, "We Sink"

I groaned as I sat up from my bed, holding my head. It still hurt from when I'd headbutted Alexander yesterday. My ice pack wasn't so cold anymore and lay next to me on the bed. The sunlight streamed through the large windows, nearly blinding me as I opened my bedroom door. 

"What on earth happened?!"

Outside my door, Alexander had fallen asleep. That wasn't the issue.

The issue was Malphas being covered in piles of fur as he slept on the couch. One of the said fur piles was awake and barked at me.

Alexander was fast asleep despite the barking. The puppy ran over to me, scratching at my legs and yipping. I knelt down and picked it up. "Which one of you brought them home?"

The puppy yipped and squirmed. I put him down as its siblings began to swarm me. There must've been..five, no six of them. They looked like miniature German Shepherds, a breed I'd usually seen being walked around our apartment building. I had to step over the puppies as I walked to shake Malphas awake. 

"Malphas! Did you bring them home?!" He was up in a flash, sitting up. He blinked sleep out of his eyes and looked down at my legs, the dark-furred dogs trying to climb up them.

"Oh, yeah, I did do that, didn't I, young lord?" He stifled a yawn, picking up one of them. "A lady came up to me as I was walking last night. She handed me a box and fled. I opened it up, and well..there were dogs. I hope you don't mind."

"I do mind! What are you thinking, bringing them home?! How am I supposed to care for them?! I don't have dog food! I've never had a dog in my life!" I wasn't yelling, exactly, but I made it clear that I was pissed. "You can't just accept random things from people!"

"Wait, Malphas, is this your first time out?" Alexander was awake. He stretched and stood from where he'd fallen asleep on the floor.

"Yes, actually," the raven admitted, standing with the puppy in his arms. "I was going to go out this morning and get them food and whatnot. I looked up their diet and everything last night, but didn't want to leave because it was past ten."

"Is there a park or something around here?" I asked, stepping back a bit as one of them relieved themselves. "Damn it. Malphas, you've got to think next time!"

"We passed one, Cheir, yesterday," Alexander sighed as he went to find the paper towels. Malphas kept petting the one he as holding.

"This one's Wendy. She's a good girl. Aren't you, Wendy?" He was focused on the puppy and I nearly threw something at him.

Alexander returned and cleaned up the mess. "Malphas, go and buy leashes. We can't just let them loose."

"With what money?" 

"You forget that Cheir's rich."

I sat down on a comfortable chair, my headache suddenly returning. "Give me a few minutes. This is too much.."

"Are you alright?" Alexander handed me an ice pack and some white pills - aspirin. I downed the aspirin and pressed the pack to my head.

"I forgot to get a coffee machine.."

"Oh my god. Let's pick one up when we go shopping for the puppies."

I looked over to him. "We're going shopping, now?"

He grinned. "Yeah! With your credit card, of course. There's a mall not far by."

"Alexander, it's eight in the morning. No one's open."

"We can't really wait, can we? Would you rather buy stuff online?"

"Honestly? Not really. Let's just try to find some pet store right now. Just give me a bit.." I leaned my head back on the chair, eyes closing as I pressed the pack to my aching head. "Maybe a haircut, too.."

"Cheir, just rest for now. Malphas and I will take care of this."

I almost fell asleep. A puppy had crawled onto my lap, tired as well. It snored.

It took a bit but my headache finally faded. I almost didn't sit up because of the puppy, but it seemed to know that I wanted to move somehow. It hopped off, scratching its ear. 

Alexander had showered and was trying to find something to feed the puppies. Malphas had bowls out for them to drink and he looked up as I got up.

"I'll stay back and watch them if you'd like," he offered. I glanced at Alexander and nodded.

"If you need help, call me."

"'Call'? With what?" Malphas was puzzled. "Magic?"

Oh, right. He hadn't been 'out' before.

"Nevermind. I'll pick up a phone for you while I'm out. I'll show you how to use it when I get back." I went into my to my room, digging through a dresser to change out of my clothes. I'd slept in jeans. Mistake.

It was supposed to be a big warm today. I didn't intend to stay out all day, but with the surprise of the puppies..who knew.  If I had regular bodyguards like my father did, the puppies would be considered a safety threat.

I closed the door to my room when I was ready, phone and wallet in my pockets. Alexander was ready too, his hair already dry. He smiled to me.


"Sadly, yes."

We left the room, leaving Malphas with the little dogs. I could hear him laugh as we left.

I drove the two of us to a nearby shopping complex. Like I'd said before, some stores were closed. Not as many as I'd thought, but there was a pet store open.

Alexander and I walked in, the store mostly quiet. We went right to the puppy section, looking at collars.

"Why did he bring them home again?" Alexander asked me as we put a few of them in a basket to take to check out. 

I shrugged as I took some leashes, each a different color to match the collars. "I guess he's kinder than you thought. I'm not going to get rid of them. Get some puppy food, would you? We'll need a lot."

He carried the large bags to the register as I picked out some beds and toys. A tug-of-war rope was certainly needed. Nail trimmers. Brushes. Anything else I thought they'd need. A crate that was almost too heavy for me. Alexander picked it up with ease as I realized I should've gotten a cart.

We checked out and then dumped everything in the back of the car. We had enough collars, leashes, food and drink bowls, toys, beds, crates, foods, and god-knows-what. I'd also used the nametag-machine in the store, making tags for the puppies. I mostly chose neutral names as I didn't know much of anything about the puppies. 

Wendy was the only one that was decidedly female.

The five other tags were unadorned but only had my phone number. I put it under Alexander's name - if it had been under mine or my dad's and the puppy had gotten lost, that might have been an actual security threat.


Kind of bland names. I slipped them onto the collars with no trouble. 

I was almost excited to go home and show Malphas, maybe take the puppies to that park. No doubt they wanted to run around.

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