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This week we feature the writing and images of nean_bean, Love to Write, Abriatis, mythicalquill, Driftlwoodand Icestorm

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Origami Wolf
by nean_bean

I saw your eyes first.
You had a little bit of grey behind them.
Your eyebrows strung together,
And your forehead knit itself into a scarf.
I think it would be orange.

You said
“This is for me?”
As if you were surprised
That someone would take the
Time to make something for you.


I said “yes it’s for you (silly)”
Your scarf unraveled quite quickly.
You kinda bit your lip
Before you smiled.
It was a small smile.
It was only a tiny bit of light let
Through the blinds.

(Photo credit, above: mythicalquill)
When Everything Left
by Love to Write 

It was sunny the morning everything left. 
The birds in the trees,
ripples on the water,
and you in your shaft of light,
eyes closed,
dust in your short, dark hair. 

We were happy,
I would have it forever. 

And then, you left. 
Quiet steps down the walk 
and a train ticket in a worn-out
overall pocket. 

And you wrote me 
but me but I never did the same.

Because who leaves without saying goodbye
(except the sun, maybe)?
And who forgets to close the door
on the way out
(except when you’re in such a big hurry

you forget who you’re leaving)? 

Don't you remember who
we were together? 

(Photo credit, left: Drift)
I Am Tired of Not Feeling Safe
by Abriatis

I am tired of not feeling safe.

Is it because I am a girl?
Is it because I go to high school?
Is it because I've been pressured to drink by my own family?

I do not know.

I am just tired of it.

I am tired of thirty-year-old men staring at me after a bike race once I changed into the well-fitting shirt I received.
I am tired of hearing my classmates speculate on who was most likely to bring a gun to school.
I am tired of getting messages on Facebook from my twenty-three-year-old cousin, asking me if I want to 'get shitfaced'.

I just want to feel safe in my own skin.

I don't want to stand with my arms over my chest.
I don't want to think about what would happen if someone brought a gun to school.
I don't want to block my own family online, when I know I won't see them for months.

Is it bad to want out? Out of this..torment?

My problems are just laughed at. They're not worth the anxiety they cause.

It's because I'm a kid, isn't it? 
A dumb, naive, fifteen-year-old girl.

It's just my hormones, isn't it?

It's just my imagination, isn't it?

It always is.

(Photo credit, right: Drift)

Tiny Writes
There's so many words in us that we just let loose to drift
Floating in the still air, they make up the space between us
Most of them go unnoticed and uncommented on
Maybe we wanted it that way, but most likely we didn't


Photo credit: Icestorm
Photo credit: mythicalquill
Photo credit: nean_bean