Aug 20


today marks a month. 

a month without any sign of life from you. i know. we only knew each other a week. but the subject line of our emails, long past, was always a promise. a promise that you wouldn't disappear like you seem to have. 
what happened? 

your last message was full of that humor and passion that excited me so- i was sure it would be recurring. what's keeping you away? 

two months since i saw your face. since i saw you pull that one-eyed-squint-while-nodding deal that i've felt myself do many times, before and after we met. 

now i can't remember if you're real. i need your advice. i need to sit with you and eat cake, and edit quietly and make eye contact that would be disturbing to anyone else. please. 

you made me live as a person who i like more- no, not made. offered me an opportunity to just be quiet for once. if i believed in things like that, i would say we had known one another in a different life. but i don't. and you're not here, and i'm going back to the obnoxious mad about nothing child i was before. 

we sat at the end of the world. i thought i could see everything from that point, but really, it lived up to the name. 

for all i could see was our story together coming to an end. the end of a world. a world of expression and absolute transparency and sharing and love in some way or another. 

i thought it was the beginning. 

i'll give it another month.

maybe you'll get a facebook notification for my birthday and remember me.