Aug 28

Sunny Skies and Blue Eyes

I saw him first.
Standing a few feet away
With his bleach blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes,
Taunting me.
My lips parted as my mouth hung open in awe.
What a breathtaking work of art.
He must have felt my eyes and turned towards me.
I looked away quickly.
Someone with as many flaws as myself does not deserve a masterpiece.
Although that's not what he seemed to think.
For the rest of the day he tried persuading me into making eye contact with him.
I wouldn't budge.
Because I knew if I did,
He's see everything.
Every tear, every smile, 
All of it.
And that's exactly what he wanted.
His efforts were good, I'll give him that,
But it didn't feel like the right time.
So I promised I'd see him again
Which seemed to satisfy him.
A few weeks later we walked by the water that resembled his eyes.
It left me speechless.
He greeted me with a smile and a sunflower,
My favorite.
In this moment I deemed him worthy,
So I looked into those deep daring irises,
And wondered why I hadn't sooner.
It was as if I had just been given a fresh breath of air I didn't know I needed,
This was when I knew,
He was the light at the end of my very dark tunnel.