Sep 02

A Deafening Universe

It's true, if you think about it,
The feeling of numbness,
Is neither happy nor sad, 
Although we perceive it
As an oddity. 

Even the feeling of stress, 
Is to loud to hear.
Turns out,
The sounds of happiness 
Drive us crazy.
The sounds of adventure 
Don't reach our ears.
But most sounds fill our minds,
Layering on top of each other 
And it gets to fuzzy.

Static is all we hear 
The interruptions make it so 
Some people are deaf to the sounds of others screaming.
People's ears are blind to the whispers of truth.

The sounds of the universe, 
Loud and soft 
Make up our hours.

And yet sometimes 
We don't know how to hear.
We are tired of trying,
And that's when we let
The world make us deaf.