Sep 05
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The Man without a Name.

I opened the creaky door,
Within its tired frame.
To find a man at a table.
The man without a name.

He was so like a statue,
I stood there, stock still
Mimicking his static so
My eyes might get their fill.

I knew he noticed me
By the way his eyes flicked about
As if searching for someone here with us
One who should be without.

"Hello," I said, shutting the door
And moving to the table.
I pulled the chair across from him, sat
And smiled as best I was able.

"I'm Sidney." I told the man.
He remained completely frozen.
My smile didn't falter, it always was like this.
"You'll be glad to know that you've been chosen."

Now this made him move.
His bowed head came up to see me,
His eyes stared, wide, dumbfounded.
We sat through his quiet epiphany.

"I know it might be a shock..."
I dug around it my bag, holding my smile.
"...but you're the next one up. See?"
I presented him with a file.

He looked down at the papers I gave him.
With his hand, he traced each and every line.
"Now, it's a grueling process. It's sure to take some time.
But, if you'll sign at the top there, everything will be fine."

Now that made him make noise.
HIs eyes went wide. His fist hit the table.
I held my smile firm. It was always like this.
That's my secret, to stay so affable.

"As you know, sir, this is already decided.
You've already been claimed.
Now stop being so stubborn
And give me your name."

He glared at me.
I smiled at him.
My second mention of the paper
Made his explosion begin.

"What the hell do you think you can say?
Wipe your face of that damn smile!
You don't have the right to act that way.
Get on with the trial!"

I raised my hands in defense,
To quell his fire.
"Sir, it's just a name-"
But he was determined to make a pyre.

"That's a lie that
Not even you buy!

Don't insult a man,
Who you've condemned to die!"

My voice faltered.
"Sir, that's an exaggeration.
The papers say nothing of death.
They only-"

"Say when I'll stop breathing,
Before my family or my friends.
They tell me when my sentence starts
And when my life ends!"

We weren't getting anywhere.
He was getting too loud.
I needed to take control again.
How I did... I'm not proud.

I stood fast and lunged,
Reaching for his shouting maw.
My grip found purchase and I
Tore out his sorry jaw.

I stowed it in my bag,
​I replaced the files, in spite of his screams
"You get this back when you cooperate."
He did nothing. He hadn't the means.

I opened the creaky door,
Within its tired frame.
To leave a man without a voice.
To leave a man without a name.

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