Sep 14
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When you're like me
You don't get quiet
You don't not think 
Between the constant loop 
Of negativity
And the never ending
Need to fix certain things
To put them in order
To have them be perfect
You don't get silence
The world around you may be quiet
But your mind is always yelling
Always screaming
This is my life
This is my curse
Then one day I met someone
I almost ran into them in gym class
And when I looked up to apologize
I got caught in their eyes
The perfect blue gradient
From the pupils outward 
Slowly getting lighter
Until the blue crashed into the white
Glancing away I blush
And a smile spreads across their face
And they introduce themself
And my brain stops screaming
All I can hear is my heart beating
And the blood rushing in my ears
I stop thinking 
I'm lost in the moment
And for a split second, everything is quiet