Sep 21
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Yet Another Death

The day started out just like any other day. The sun shining, the dogs barking and the cars roaring. But today, when I came home from school, my mom wasn’t on the front porch waiting for me. Instead, there was a whole lot of police cars and my father, on the lawn, crying. I could see real, salty tears, pouring down his face. My new situation had to be a really bad one, if it had my dad crying. I had only seen him like this once before, when my big brother died in the car crash. And now I get off the bus and walk past all the police slyly. Once I’m in my yellow house I know what happened. My mother was dead, and I would not be seeing her again.

A couple years ago when my brother died, my mother and father took a week off from work to stay with me and so we could grieve our loss. But I think his death hit me the hardest. Because my life just went way off track. I couldn’t sleep for the next month and that caused me to fall asleep in school. My grades went down as my mood came ever so slowly up. I eventually made my emotional recovery. Me and my parents had moved on. But now my mother, we knew it was coming, but we weren't ready for it when it came.

My dad wasn’t ready to see me when I came out of the house with my stuff. I knew we wouldn’t be staying there that night or ever again. My dad won’t want to be reminded of my mother ever again and neither will I. So I put my stuff in the car and went out to the woods for some alone time. Some alone time for me; Amelia Evans. Now that I was by myself, I started crying. The familiar trees look so blurred from the tears on my face. The birch, the oaks and the maples look all the same. I lose direction of where I came from and where I was going. I come across a lake that I didn't know was there before. In front of me there stands a dock that I walk on and sit down at the end of. I dangled my feet in the water as the sun starts setting. The tiny fish nibble my feet and it tickles. But I’m so numb with fear I couldn’t tell. And my jumbled life racks my brain. First my mother and now my brother. This man was insane and he needed to stop killing my family before he got me.

There was a soft wind coming from the north side of the pond. The sunset was gold and rich in the distance, on the horizon. I brainstorm on why this man was so angry with my family. and I come back  with nothing. He came for my brother, then my mother, next my father, and then me, tiny, little me. I look in the water to see myself. I can’t recognize the girl staring back at me. Right now, in the silent world, I know that my life will change too much from this moment on and I will never be the same again.

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