Sep 26
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The scene in front of her was almost perfect. Almost. She had missed it. By a hair. It was so close. The sunset was perfect that night. It was beautifully mixed between a gold, pink, and blue.

Alison, 14, a incredibly skilled photographer living in Charleston, Virginia. She had a school project due in science the next day. A picture of nature and a page essay about it. She was so close to the best picture she had ever taken in her whole entire life. She was so close she could almost touch it. But she couldn’t. She sat down on the dock at her lake house and let her feet dangle in the water and just looked. She looked at the sun slowly descending to the mountaintop shining down on the water. Not having any clue of what she was going to tell her teacher tomorrow, she continued to stare, in awe.

As the sun finally disappeared she popped out a flashlight and pointed it down towards the water. She had seen a small fish about the size of a water bottle swin under her feet. She didn’t care. She stood up and went into her house to go to bed.

The End
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