Oct 01

A World, Our World?

I don’t want to live in a world,
Where this is allowed.
Where peoples names can be slandered,
Their careers ruined,
Their lives trampled on.
A world where we can just let this happen.
Doesn't anyone care anymore?
Don’t they care about justice or liberty
or innocent until proven guilty?

I don’t care if its chaotic to negotiate,
I don’t even care if it’s easier
To say yes,
And nod,
And be classified with one side or the other.
No matter what side you choose,
No one ever listens
To your reasons.
You don’t have an opinion and you don't have facts,
You just have the side
That you choose.
And for a country that values free speech,
That’s pretty messed up.

Do they go to the other side and
And get the details,
Without a third party,
Without their own mouths running.
That's the problem, isn't it?
That everyone keeps their mouths running.
No one can take a minute to just
To the other side,
To just listen to something, anything.

Haven’t they become tired of hearing this?
Haven't we proven that listening is worthwhile?
But no one ever cares
About history,
Lessons learned,
Until it repeats.

Let’s all just whisper and try to stay inside the boundaries of dispute.  

That didn't work,
That didn't get us anywhere.

Let's all just scream at the top of our lungs.

Oh wait,
We’re already doing that.
And it's not going to well, hm?

We can’t classify people who believe things.
We can’t tell them that they’re messed up,
That they’re generation is ignorant.
That because of their beliefs, they’re
Going nowhere.

Same decisions can have different reasons.

The middle point may be hard to find,
But it’s worth it,
It has to be worth it.

Our world is on fire,
Its bleeding through its eyes and ears,
And gasping for breath,
And closing in on itself,