Oct 11
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The Shiver Will Run Through Your Bones

The shiver will run through your bones,
Past your skin,
And grab your lungs.

Down the hatch, It's cold song goes
Pulling open its rusty jaw
And letting out a symphony of screams.

Don’t cry for help young sailor boy,
You hummed the tune that lured It out,
Each note deepening  your grave.

Your tears salt the monsters meat,
Your bones add texture to the meal,
It never kills or cooks its food, I wants to hear you squeal.

Feel the crunching of your ribs,
Feel the blood drip, drop, and drain from your heart,
Unless the song can restart.

Cause when you, sailor boy, hummed It’s tune,
Sang a song that belonged to It,
A cold chill ran through It’s scales,

And It rose from the pit.

Vengeance for the song you stole,
Vengeance is all It craves,
And now that I’ve found you,

I’ll sing you a lullaby as you lay in your grave.
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