Oct 15

Everyday About Us ( PT 1)

I have been working on this forever. This is only part one. Enjoy! ( And yes it's long)

I grabbed my bag off my bed and my skateboard from in front of the door and took off into the dark of night. With my earbuds in and music blaring I skate from my house down the road and to the club. The street lights are the only thing visible with the moon hidden behind the clouds. I get lost in the music, the beat, the timing, the bass, the vocals, everything engulfs me. I go through 4 songs in my playlist and I arrive. The club, the teen hangout for Grainger County, all four schools hang out here, and here is where I can be me.

    I walk in and get greeted by Graham, the owner and chef. Instead of handing me my apron like always, he points to the back of the club and nods. I look over his shoulder and see a large group, half wearing jerseys and half in skirts. The soccer team. All the guys and their girlfriends. The girls flirting with the guys and the guys being oblivious, I roll my eyes and walk to the DJ stand and take over for Chris, the guy who worked the tables before me and moved up to work better gigs until coming back to work here. I put on the headphones and wait for the song to shut off, then it’s my turn. I turn on a song and go to work, beat by beat I change the song until it sounds like my kind of music. Everyone starts dancing and the girls pulling each other aside to dance with them. I look around at everyone enjoying the music and out of the corner of my eye I see someone watching me. I look over and see Brent looking at me. He is lost in space I thought and so I turned away. I keep changing the beat and the song but he just keeps looking at me. Hours pass and everytime the other guys aren’t watching he looks at me and it’s like he wants to say something but doesn’t. His girlfriend/ ex finally took him outside and I have no clue what happened to them after that. They must’ve gone to her place or something but I don't want to find out. I look at my watch and it’s almost 3. Time to close.

    As people are leaving I turn off the speakers and the system. Then I grab my apron and clean the tables like always. Graham tells me to go home and get some sleep before the concert on Saturday, which I’m working. I was wiping the back table where the soccer team was, cursing at their mess, when I feel a tap on my shoulder. I turn, almost scared because no one was supposed to be here but me. I see Brents face looking at me, he’s smiling.

“What?”  I ask looking in to his eyes.

“ Its Juniper right?” he says still smiling.

“ How do you know that?”

“ Heard Graham say it before he left, I wanted to say sorry about the mess, I can help clean it up if you want. I know where the mop is. I can..”

“ I got it, your not supposed to be here, leave.”

“ Um, okay, I guess I will see you around June.”

“ Bye Brent,” I say as I roll my eyes.