Oct 16

Promise Forgotten

One day, a little boy and little girl meet.
Soon enough, they hold hands.
They become best friends easily.
Together, they explore magical lands.

They enter the door to their first class,
Glad to be together.
They made a promise long ago,
They’ll be friends no matter the weather.

It’s her 7th birthday.
She invites him to the party.
“No presents,” she tells him.
He decides to buy her three.

Sixth grade, she’s having a blast.
But then she hears he’s getting bullied.
She puts a stop to it instantly.
He tells her, “Thank you. I’ve been freed.”

Two and a half months into eighth grade.
They have new pals, but they’re still friends.
One day he gives her a token,
“Just in case one day it ends.”

But all too soon, tragedy strikes.
His parents divorced, his family split.
She gives him a shoulder and a set of ears.
He says, “I can’t do this, I want to quit.”

Together, they stand strong through it,
And they continue their journey.
He turns to her and says,
“Thanks for listening to me.”

They go to high school,
But they begin to drift apart.
Then they start to reconcile,
And he gives her his heart.

One day, however, she turns to him,
“I love you, but I can’t go on.”
She leaves the next day,
And he cries, but she is gone.

Best friends now split,
No longer together,
The rain starts to fall,
And he mourns the loss of her.