Oct 17
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It had been a long time, but now he was here.
I welcomed Death with open arms
For he looked like an old friend,
One who had been taken long ago.

I smiled as he took my hand
His face of an old lover,
Mine of an old woman
Mortality represented in one glance.

The young worry of life,
Immortality seems fleeting.
Then you are old
Death and Life are intertwined.

People worry about time,
They say that there is never enough.
Time is relative,
There is more than enough.

I look into the face of Death,
It shows my husband's
I remember my teenage years
When we first met.

There is no letting life slip by
For just existing is doing
Being honored and remembered
Is irrelevant when death knocks.

Death grabs my arm
He pulls me to his side
He is now my first love
And my last.

80 years is a lifetime
Something that seems so short.
Death displays all of my happiness in my life.
It had been a long time, but now he was here.