Oct 19
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Melancholy Island

Upon a melancholy island,
there lays a broken dream,
A failed scheme,
a tragic theme
that I deem far too extreme.

Upon a melancholy island,
there's beauty to the eye,
though its disguised,
it is there, waiting to be 
waiting to uncovered.

People keep searching for 
the melancholy island,
their hearts broken,
hoping this sad island 
will grant them reprieve
from the heavy burdens on their backs,
hoping the island will take those
burdens and add them to its collection. 

People travel to this
melancholy island
with their burdens.
People leave this 
melancholy island
with a new refound hope,
a new dream,
for they saw beauty
in the dark;
they saw that it is possible
to be happy even when 
it seems unattainable.