Oct 19
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The monster needs love

The Monster Needs Love     -Acrostic

They think i'm a liar but I have never said a word.
He doesn't even look at me.
Even though i'm right in front of him.

Men are scared to look at me.
Obviously they cant understand.
No one wants me no one loves me.
So how could I change this.
The people won't talk to me.
Even if I try to be nice they run.
Running every time they see me, they run.

No one stays for long.
Even though I want them to.
Even though they know I want them to stay.
Do they think I will harm them.
So if they do how will I change myself for them.

Love Love Love I can show them love but they still wont accept me.
Oh no I may have to be lonely forever.
Vast amounts of people are out there why will none of them accept me.
Even though I try they cant understand.

That's all the monster need’s.
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