Oct 22
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Three Blind Mice

i’m all alone in this cellar,
and i’m running out of time--
two corpse-pale faces watch me skitter,
six hands counting down my crime.

but another was aroused;
a violet mouse runs across the floor
telling me to leave this house
that soon the guns and sirens will come through the door.

an orange mouse emerges from a hole;
i count the hairs on her nose.
they tell me to leave, but they’re not in control.
after all, i’m the human. they don’t know what i know.

i seize them.
reach for a knife.
Three blind mice, three blind mice,
hey’re squirming now, I’m sure they know the tale.
See how they run and run and run,
i can smell the sweat.
they all ran after the farmer’s wife,
they’re telling me to leave them be,
who cut off their tails with a carving knife,
i’m sure they know the tale.
did you ever see such a sight in your life
as three blind mice?