Oct 25

I Want To Die

The title got you, didn't it?
It is such a depressing phrase, 
and yet it is used quite a lot these days,
especially from my generation, from what I've noticed.
How sad is it that kids' lives are so horrible that they 
want to be rid of them forever?
You might brush it off, call us weak,
"just suck it up, your life isn't that bad".
You have no idea of what is going on in their life.
If you believe that you get the 
right to say things like that,
about someone else's life,
then you should put on their shoes
and really see what they are going through.
These days, stress is getting piled on teenagers
about college, homework, jobs, debt, life in general.
And sometimes, it becomes too much,
so they take the only way out they can think of. 
The problem with this world is that we have normalized
the wanting of death, to get away from here and all this stress.
A kid taking their life just becomes another sad statistic.
My generation wants to be happy, 
but it's so, so difficult sometimes.
We are inheriting a planet that is dying, 
becoming the brunt of inflation of economy,
and the increasing debts of student loans.
It is hard to be bright when our future doesn't look the same.
I'm not trying to make you feel guilty,
just trying to invoke some sort of change in something
that will help those of us who need it. 
We don't have the ability to stop factories from
spitting toxins into our air, 
stop waste from being dumped into our water,
restrain people from killing animals.
We can't do those things physically ourselves, 
but we can fight for it. 
And that is what we will do, until there is change.
If there isn't, it seems that pretty soon there 
won't be anything to change anyway. 
Once we have a happy world, 
maybe we will start to be happy too,
and not want to die.

(Despite the title, I am not suicidal. The title is meant to catch the attention of the reader,
and then make them aware of the threat of depression and suicide in my generation.
I do not mean to offend anyone with this poem/rant, so I am deeply sorry if I did.)