19 years old


  • A True Falsity

    Lies are the empty space which fills bottles to brim spilling anything of our substance.

    Omissions are spots which the rust concurs our Vessel which ends up broken on the ocean floor.

  • Believe

    I do believe that there is an ache in my body that breathes and comes to life when you disappear.

    I do believe in the fairytale world of us you would be him and I her.

  • Tears

    To kiss another’s tears is to drink a poison of your own creation, 

    Thoughtful, carefully crafted, and yet stings just the same.

    To kiss another's tears is to be in a desert full of drought,

  • Boundaries

    The beauty of her boundaries,

    Were how easy they’d be found,

    She very clearly stated,

    how not to let her down,

    So if you crossed the first one,

    She’d state to you again,

    Please don’t go there my darling,

  • Lie

    I wish a lie was just another funny truth,

    But it’s not,

    The chains that tied it to the floor,

    Left nothing but cankered knots,

    And when the sailors hauled her up the side of the dock,

  • Geographical bachelor

    Today I booked a flight to Germany,

    A place I’ve never known,

    Neither did my father,

    Nor my mothers ever gone,

    It’s funny how the geographic gene,

    Or dna,

    However did the ones before you,