Oct 26

A Seasonal Difference

As the leaves rot away
And break beneath feet
I look at my body,
Which is no longer meat.
My arms are the branches
Which are snapped with a crunch
And my hairs turned to twigs
That deer love to munch.
My clothes are the reds
And the browns and the greens
That fall from the limbs
Of the deciduous trees.
My shoes are pumpkin
And my nose is corn,
My eyes are seeds
And my nails are thorns.
There’s a big straw hat
Atop my head
And when I got cut
It was cider I bled.
Each year after summer
I sit and I wait
As I transmute
Into the season I hate.
But all’s fine and dandy
‘Cause when Winter sprouts,
I turn back to normal
And away goes my doubts.
About the Author: ploofc
Author has not loved anything.