Oct 26
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The girl

She looks forward thinking, staring ahead but not seeing anything.

Just wishing she was home, not just home, but home alone so she could finally just let herself break down.

No one can read her thoughts, but they all assume she's ok.

She puts a smile on her face and gets through the day

And everyone thinks shes ok.

But that's the same as everyday so its ok, right?

They think shes not listening right? That's why they keep insulting her, right?

But she hears everything and often she goes home eats dinner and gets in bed while a single tear drips down her face and lands on her pillow.

But she's ok, Right?

She often stares up at the ceiling while she's in bed and just lets the tears drip down her face.

But she's ok… they all say shes ok so it must be true.

And they all do nothing because she must be ok, right?

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