Oct 26
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Election 2018

Earlier this week I heard an essay about midterms and wanted to write a response to it from my point of view. I’m a conservative a Donald Trump kinda guy. I believe that we shouldn’t have open borders. I don’t think that the rich should be forced to give money to the poor. I don’t think that free health care and college are great ideas when looked into. I am going to explain why using statistics and facts in an attempt to change your mind on these subjects.

    First and foremost I think that we should have highly restricted borders and restrict illegal aliens from getting into our country. One migrant youth shelter director in Tijuana said 80% of Central American girls under the age of eighteen are raped while crossing through Mexico. This is terrible because coyotes are raping their clients before they reach America. If we were to have a more secure border that prevented illegal aliens from getting in, fewer people would try to cross that way and thus fewer rapes would happen. Not to mention according to the Pew Hispanic Center between six and seven million illegal aliens have entered our country who have been caught. This is terrible for the US. If companies keep taking in illegal immigrants and giving them jobs for below the minimum wage the US is losing money. If President Trump was to put a wall in between the border of the USA and Mexico it would stop at a minimum sixty percent of illegal immigration. Sixty percent of seven million is four million which means that three million will be getting in rather than seven million. This would work wonders on our economy which is already increasing thanks to President Trump. If we can stop at least sixty percent of illegal immigration we can improve our economy.

    When you hear about rich people helping the poor it gives you a good feeling right. I mean they’re helping the misfortunate. This is, of course, fine and well what I am referring to is forcing the rich to give their money to the misfortunate. I think it would be great if rich people willing gave money to charities and nonprofit organizations but I most certainly think they should be forced too. According to www.answers.com, most poor people are poor through no fault but their own. The rich on average work for their money. To say that they are obligated to help the people who won’t even try to work for money is outrageous in my opinion.

    Finally, I will explain why free healthcare and college is a bad idea. According to

www.formosapost.com forty-five million people in the US have universal health care and don’t want free universal healthcare. The reason they don’t is that it had universal health care for all the people who are actually working and helping the economy their tax payments go up significantly. According to www.politifact.com Bernie Sanders talked to Dana Bash about how free health care would “pay for itself”. However, experts say that it wouldn’t, based on what Mr. Sanders has said so far. Although the American middle class won’t be paying thousands of dollars more like initially expected the middle class will still be paying way more than they are now. The same is done with free college. If college is free for all people the middle and upper class will be paying extra in their taxes. This is why free healthcare and college wouldn’t work in America where capitalism is used rather than socialism.

    Hopefully, I was able to make you think more critically about certain things heard in the news or by your peers. I personally have been known to do the same thing but I have taught myself to do differently. I don’t just take what I’m told as fact until I find out it is. I don’t know if I changed your mind at all but, I do hope I made you think a little deeper about this. You have to take the information given to you and question it in order to learn more about it.

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