Oct 30
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Edmunds ghost Story

Jaden’s Ghost Story

    When I just woke up twenty minutes ago I noticed my cat was gone. I walked to Edmunds and then BOOM! It all of a sudden was nine o’clock at night and I was standing in the far corner of the attic away from everybody else. I was wearing my headphones so I couldn’t hear anybody. Everyone left at at 10:00 pm but I didn’t know. I looked around and noticed I was alone. Yikes!! The last person out locked the door. I was trapped in the attic! I started panicing and all of a sudden the fiberglass stuff turned to quicksand. Strangely enough I heard my cat meow. My cat has a specific sound, it’s sort of like a bark. I realized that my cat was below the quicksand pulling me down. I shouted, “ No Jqwellis Maximus!” His fur changed from dark black to albino white. His teeth grew five times their size. He started biting in the air. He bit me but the tooth turned to fiberglass. I said, “Ouch!” Jqwellis Maximus then grew in size and picked me up. He spun me around in circles and threw me out the window. I shattered threw the glass and fell to my demise. Jqwellis laughed an evil but weird laugh and started changing into a different shape. He had arms like a middle schooler and clothes that looked like Jaden’s. He jumps out the window before his cat legs change and once he hits the ground he looks just like Jaden. He sees the group and shouts, “Whoa, guys...wait up!”  
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