Oct 30
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He Was Finally Here

It had been a long time, but now he is here. He had been my best friend since kindergarten but in first grade his family moved away and I mean far away. But now he’s back and I really hope that he remembers me.

“ Hi.” he says.

“ Hi.” I say.

“ How have you been?” I ask him.

“ Good. And you.” he asks.

This is actually the farthest we have ever gotten.  

“ I’ve been better.” I finally say.

So far so good.

“ So Kaysee do you want to have lunch with me.” he asks me.

“ Oh Kai you know I would love to have lunch with you.”

I’m surprised that he still remembered me.
So at lunch I sit with him and we just talk about stuff. I tell him that I love to draw and he shows me what he has been working on and I show him what I have been work on.

“ Wow that is so good that is way better than mine.” he says.

“ No it’s not yours is way better than mine.” I say back.

And then we just laugh because we both know that mine is better.but then this girl comes over and hugs him and come to find out that this girl is his girlfriend. “ Oh I see so you think you can come back after all this time and just to find out that you have a girlfriend and then you decide to hangout with me and not your girlfriend unbelievable I am so done with our friendship.”

“ Kaysee wait I am so sorry about that.”

“ Yah I wish I was.”

Now this is my life I no friends. But that’s okay I love my life just the way it is now and I have my drawings because they keep me safe they keep me happy.

                      I love my life just the way it is.