Oct 30
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When I was in freshman year of high school, an assignment we had was "draw a picture of your hero". Quite frankly, that was the hardest assignment of the year for me. My hero? What's a hero? And sure, laugh at the question, but let's break it down. Is a hero someone who is physically fit and smart and charasmatic? Or is a hero someone you simply look up to, like your parents or an older relative? Does a hero save people from burning buildings and fight criminals, or are they simply going about their normal day and just trying to survive? Technically, a hero is all these things, but that freshman task of drawing my hero was surprisingly monumental. I knew they weren't talking about those superheroes in comics and television, so I chose someone who inspired me as a person, whose morals were admirable to many people, including myself. Of course, I felt like I hadn't completed the assignment up to my standards. I was still struggling to find the definition of what a hero was. Had heroes as a trait evolved over the years of time, or evolved through personality changes? Are some people natural heroes while others just aren't cut out for that?
A hero stays true to him or herself no matter what and always does the right thing, even if others disagree. A hero respects him or herself and others, especially the ones who polar him or her the most. A hero doesn't need to be well known, they just need to know themselves. If they can't save themselves, then they aren't licensed to save anybody else. The person I chose for my hero project was David Attenborough. Has it changed? It's only expanded. The flaw of the freshman assignment was that they made me choose only one and 'hero' was broadly defined. I can have as many heroes as I want, and I myself am a hero because I know myself, I respect myself and others, I am always looking to do the right thing, even if it's hard and even painful. The right way isn't always the easiest way, but it's the moral way that is sometimes hard to stay on. Never mind leading a normal life. Live a moral life. Be your own hero.