Oct 31
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I am 5ft 10 1/2in tall I also have curly black hair that’s black and I’m 13 years old. I have a mustache and a little bit of a beard. I really enjoy playing sports, my favorite is football and i play the positions defensive end and i also play guard. I like baseball and basketball, in basketball i play small forward nothing else really. In baseball i play the positions outfielders, and sometimes 3rd. I can be calm most of the time, i can get angry sometimes though like if i get mad at a video game i might throw something or if a friend gets annoying and won’t stop bugging me i might yell. I also like to play video games like call of duty or fortnite. Some of my favorite foods are sandwiches like turkey and cheese and i like miracle whip on it, or i like cheese burgers with ketchup my favorite two things to do is play football and video games, football lets me take my anger out and it’s really fun and video games relieve stress and its fun. I am Xavian.
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