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    It has been a long time, but now she was here. My Grammy was FINALLY here. “I have been waiting 365 days for you to get here.” I yelled. Oh and by the way my name is Carly. I live in a log cabin in Vermont while my Grammy lives out in Hawaii. So I hardly ever see her any more. So for the past year I have been counting down how many days it would be till I saw her and now at day 365 she is finally here.

    I was so excited. My Grammy and I were really close so I had a lot planned for the two of us. We would go running, biking through the park and we would crochet.  We would do so many wonderful things. But mom had said I should let Grammy rest when she got here. I knew it was the polite thing to do so I let her. I was so impatient.

    “Mom I’m bored” I cried

“Shhh your Grammy is sleeping.” She whispered. So I went into my room and held my bearded dragon Lizzy. Lizzy was a chill animal. She loved being held. I fed Lizzy and then put her back in her cage. I gave her some crickets but one jumped right onto me.

“Ah” I squeaked then I heard

“Carly are you all wright?” It was my Grammy, I nodded. I put the cricket in the cage and shut the cage door. Me and my Grammy can finally hang out I thought. So I asked “Do you want to crochet?

“Of course my little Carly.” She answered I put all my crochet hooks and yarn on my bed

my Grammy picked a pink ball of yarn and a green crochet hook.

“Grammy what are you making” I questioned. “A sweater for your baby cousin” she

replied. After and hour or two I started to get bored. So I asked

“Do you want to go biking I still have your bike here.”

“Absolutely” My Grammy answered back. So I went into the shed to get the bikes out. Then got our helmets out. After that I went inside to tell my Grammy I was ready.

So we set off to go biking through the park. When we got there the park was surprisingly quiet for a Saturday. In the park there was a path that went through the woods where squirrels run and play and dogs race around and catch frisbees. It was a beautiful day out today we saw squirrels running circles up and down trees. Then I said

“Grammy look at that beautiful hauk.” It was a bald eagle. It was watching us from above our heads circling in the sky.

We finally started to head back home. When we got back I went in to my room to read and Grammy went to crochet some more. Eventually I started fading off. Soon I was fast asleep.

I awoke to someone shaking me I expected to see my Grammy but it was my mom. She was saying something like “Carly it’s time for dinner.” in a soft voice. It was noon when I fell asleep so I was surprised that it was already dinner time.

For dinner we had vegetarian chili. It was spicy but not so spicy that you couldn’t eat it. It was one of me and my Grammy’s favorites. I was so full I almost couldn’t eat dessert, almost, but I still ate dessert we had pumpkin pie and vanilla ice cream. After dinner I got ready to go to bed and then fell asleep.

When I awoke the sun was shining through my window. The smell of pancakes was coming from the kitchen. I walked into the kitchen and my Grammy was cooking. “Can I make my chocolate sauce.” I asked

“Of course” she replied. So I started getting my materials out (secret recipe will not share) I mixed my ingredients together till the consistency was right. After that I went upstairs to wake my mom up for breakfast. Then we all sat down at the kitchen table to eat chocolate covered pancakes with strawberries on top.

Once we finished breakfast, we all got ready to go to the bookstore. All three of us love to read so it was the perfect outing. When we got there I went straight to the young adult section even though they are to easy for me they are still more interesting than adult books. I ended up buying The Fates Divide the sequel to Carve The Mark.

When we got home I felt like doing something active so I asked my Grammy if she wanted to go for a run. As usual she said yes. So we ran through the park and back. We saw squirrels and dogs even bunnies.

When we got back it was time to eat dinner. After dinner we were too full to have dessert so I brushed my teeth and read for a little while and then I went to bed.

The next day Grammy had to go back to Hawaii. At the airport we were really sad to have her go. But we knew that we would see her in a year or two. When she boarded the plane we were waving like crazy. Then she was gone.
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