Nov 02
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Why i´m at the dock...

I had just talked to my Parents. They said they had to tell me something very important, and that I can't get mad at them because it isn't their fault. I walked into the kitchen...where they were both sitting down in the tall brown stools next to the island. When they told me tears started welling up in my eyes I felt like an ocean was about to pour out of them. We were moving, they said. This means I have to move away from my whole life.

My friends.

My city.

I couldn't believe it. So I ran to the dock to get away. And that's when I realized I really am leaving this place. I will miss everything so much. My parents said that they had both gotten better paying jobs in New york because we hadn't been doing very well financially lately. My parents said that they had already found an affordable place close to their new work. I’m sitting at the dock with my toes just touching the very surface of the dark blue water. I'm really going to miss this place.
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