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Prologue to untitled story #1 nanowrimo draft

A/N: I've had this idea for a few months but after reading part 4 of Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift in my british literature class, I suddenly became a lot more attached to it. I tried to mimic the common narrator voice of the books we've been reading for the class. I think I'm getting the hang of it slowly. As a nanowrimo draft, this piece favors quantity over quality.

There has long been a legend of a creature upon the highest mountain that can grant any gift.

However, the climb was considered impossible for a mortal and it had never been proved.

Then came a man who had lost everything and had no one but himself to blame.

He had nothing to lose but everything to gain, and began the journey determined to die.

The climb was unspeakable and he seemed only to survive by the slightest happening of luck.

But the climb is not as important as what happens in response and will be left vague.

The man made it to the peak of the mountain, nearly dead.
All there was at the top was a pool of water, although at that hight it should have been ice.
The man did not notice this, though. He didn’t notice much of anything.
There was a flash of light, and then a long snake with feathered wings and glowing eyes unwound itself from the mountain peak. It stared into the man’s soul sadly, for it could see what he desired and knew what this would bring. All the same, a ringing voice echoed out.

“I am ghghjghkgasjhsgd, granter of deepest wishes to those who prove themselves worthy. You have made it to my spring to symbolize the strength of your will. What is it that you desire?”
The man looked up at the beautiful creature without hesitation. All his life he had caused his own downfall. “More than anything else, I desire to be perfect.”
“Are you sure?” The being bent down to stare him in the eyes. It could not deny a wish to one who made it there, but it could give the man a chance to choose anything else.
“Yes,” The man said. “I am sure, my life is proof. My greatest flaw is my downfall. Anything else I would ask for, I would probably lose.”
“As you wish, then.” The beast plucked a feather from its wings and dropped it into the pool, making the water shimmer as it dissolved into the water. “Step in,” the creature said as it disappeared.
The man didn’t just step, but dove in, and arose as perfection. He instantly flew off to make the world better, since that’s what a perfect being would do.
You see, to be perfect is to give up your free will.

There is always the best possible action you could take, and to not take it is to cease to be perfect. And this is why humans are, and always will be, flawed. The human at its core is the power of choice, a balance between good and evil that it can choose to direct as it wants. The same thing that can bring good, like love and weapons, can also be used in awful ways. This is what makes humans beautiful and fills one with hope while also being disgustic and tempting one to bury history under swaths of fire.

The man probably would have been startled and tormented by his free will being forever ripped away, but he could not, for a perfect being cannot possibly regret its own actions. And he ceased to be a man, a human, because he could no longer do what humans do.
As the perfect being flew around the world to help and save, never tiring or complaining, he began to notice that more and more often the people of the villages he visited reacted with fear. Another being, looking just like him, had come through and done awful unspeakable things. The perfect being did his best to repair whatever this devil happened to do, but the most awful unspeakable things often cannot be undone, and that is what makes them so evil.

Then the perfect being ran into the devilish creature that looked just like him.

You may think a perfect thing would look very different from an evil thing, but in the end physical appearance does not make much of a difference in terms of one’s perfection or lack of it. A human with blue eyes can do the same as one with brown. Actions, things that actually create ripples in the world around them, are what can be measured.

The perfect being knew he must stop this entity of evil that was causing so much trouble in the world. The devil wanted more than anything to snuff out any light of good. And so they clashed, and the perfect being tried to prevent mountains from being bowled over and stars from being knocked out of place and of course the devil wanted chaos just like that.

Eventually, both deeply wounded by the other, both creatures had to retreat. The perfect being could not bring more good to the world if he died, while the devil would not be able to spread his oppression. The perfect being flew to the top of the mountain where everything began. He was usually able to heal in less than a blink of an eye, but the evil creature loved to break rules, and being his exact opposite, was able to inflict wounds deeper than perfection itself.

The winged snake shimmered into view once again. “You can only make one wish, and then it cannot be undone,” It said.
“I know this,” The perfect being said. “But there has been a creature wandering the planet ever since I became my higher form. It looks just like me but is opposite in action. All it does is the most evil thing possible at the given time.”
The snake nodded. “To destroy something would not be perfect, and it is so very hard to completely destroy something if that was not the case. The only way to make you perfect was to split your evil side from your good. That creature is the half of you that you refused to keep.”
“Thank you,” The perfect being said, and went off to fight his other half, since that was the most perfect thing he could do.

And the two halfs fought for years in a perfect balance, both completely predictable because one would do only the best while the other would do only the worst. However, just as the evil side could not be truly destroyed, the human halves of each remained and kept them physically tied to the world, but eventually withered. The evil being broke the rules and continued to live by attaching its spirit with a young human and slowly taking over. This justified the perfect being doing the same in order to continue defending humanity from evil. And once again the two met a battled, and once again their bodies died. The spirits found a new human host to continue. And this is how the forces of good and evil have remained in balance century upon century.

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