Nov 05
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Amber Guyger

One police officer.
One man.
One night that ended in murder.

When you read that
first verse,
of what race did you think 
the officer was?
Of what race did you think
the man was?
When you read that
first verse,
who did you think
killed who?

I bet you thought the 
police officer was white,
and the man black.
I bet you thought 
the officer killed the man.

If this is what you thought,
you thought right.
For that is what happened
this year on September 6.

The police officer's name is
Amber Guyger.
She has been an officer for 4 years.
She was off-duty that night,
when she walked into what she 
"thought" was her apartment.
She had walked into
Botham Jean's apartment-
her neighbor.

What happened next....
Well, I'm sure you can guess.

Amber mistook Botham
for an intruder, and
fatally shot him in his own home.

It seems impossible 
she didn't recognize she
wasn't in her own home.
How could you not?

When she could have 
taken the time to apologize for 
aggressively and rudely intruding,
she shot him.
Effectively silencing him forever.

He could have reported her
for threatening him and demanding him
in his own home,
when she was off-duty.
But no one will ever know if 
he would have reported her
because he is dead,
leaving his killer to fabricate
whatever lie she wants to 
that will work in her advantage.

Is this what our world 
has come to?
When we hear that a 
shooting involving a police officer
and a  civilian that ended in death,
we automatically assume the officer
is white, the civilian black?

Is this what future generations 
are going to have to live with?
Fearing police?
Fearing other races?
Fearing the hate between us?

How much longer are we going
to allow this to continue?
How many more lives have to 
be lost?
How much longer do we 
have to fear those 
who are supposed to protect us,
because some of us are a different color?