Nov 08
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A Day Not To Forget

It was a day like no other, I had just gotten up and I could just feel like something was going to happen today but I didn't know what. As I walked down stairs I could smell the sweet taste of bacon and I love bacon.

When I got to the kitchen I saw my two older sisters and my aunt Sun and at the stove was my aunt Star cooking my favorite breakfast: eggs with toast and bacon and a glass of my favorite strawberry juice. I sit down next to my aunt Sun and she hugs me and gives me kisses and I hug her back and she wished me a happy birthday.

Then there was a plate and cup in front of me then I got a hug and a kiss from my aunt Star. She also wished me a happy birthday. Then She sits next to me. It was the best day ever.

Then my teacher came in looking for me and I didn't want to go. But I had no choice. So I went with her and that's  when everything went wrong.

        Five hours later.
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