Nov 19
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How To Make Hot Chocolate

How much love can you
Spoon into 
A tiny-lettered
Ceramic mug
(a mothers day gift)
With a curly
Bottomed spoon
And Lake Champlain Chocolate's
Original hot chocolate mix?

It depends. 
If you just want to put
More powder in
You can just add more milk.
It doesn't really
Make it any more chocolatey
But there's more for drinking
And sharing
And it lasts quite a bit longer.
It's meant
To be quietly sipped
Over the course of a peaceful novel.
This is the plentiful
And cozy love
Of shouting out
"Love you"
As one walks out the door
And is nice for enjoyment
But lacks real
Depth of flavor. 
Plus, there's only 
So much the mug 
Can be filled before
The hot chocolate cascades 
Onto the floor and 
Makes a royal mess
That Mom has to clean up. 
Who wants all that
Stickiness between
Their toes anyway?

Another option is 
To heat the milk
A lot
So the hot chocolate
Particles like to swim apart
And dissolve nicely
Into a deep brown liquid.
This makes a richer,
Chocolatey drink
That can be quite enjoyable
And is aptly laden with love. 
A few warnings
From personal experience:
- Microwaving the milk for too long will make an exploded, curdled mess
- Grabbing the mug from the microwave without letting it cool will result in angry burns and need of a vacuum
- More powder = more sugar = not good for you and unbearably sweet
- If too much powder is added, it still won't dissolve no matter the temperature 
- And lastly, there's the constant threat of a burnt and feelingless tongue 

Once, when I was in Italy,
I had hot chocolate
That was more
Warm chocolate sauce
(think melted, high-quality chocolate, not the Hersey's syrup)
Than our milky variation.
And oh, 
What goodness.
What complexity
Of love. 
And you didn't need
A bucket full
To satisfy
For how rich
And scrumptious it was. 

Next time one 
Is in search of 
A mug full of love
To warm them
In the cold winter,
I would recommend
A pan, 
Unprocessed chocolate, 
And a sophisticated taste
Along with an 
Appreciation for
All things Italian.

For love cannot
Be spooned into a mug.
It has to be brewed 
Into its being
Crafted from 
The earth
And the product
Of centuries
Of tradition. 

That's a lot of work
And I do thoroughly enjoy
A nice cup of
Lake Champlain Chocolate's
Hot chocolate 
So I would say one and
A half heaping
Spoonfuls and two-thirds
Full with 1% milk
Is a fine enough recipe
For love for me.