Nov 29
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Christmas Time

A: It’s the holidays, lay your work at rest

B: I hear the birds, their leaving, it is time!

A: It’s the holidays, stop, you aren’t the best.

B: We must get out the old holiday chimes,

B: I hope it works, it’s the last, final test.

C: Get this thing out of the sink, oh it’s a dime!

B:  Someone get the food started, with lime zest!

C: Someone, we need some more ripe and fat limes!

C: We need some holly, don’t take the down the nest!

D: We need to clean the truck! It’s all full of grime

C:  We need to complete, this hard and fun quest!

D: Oh, will you please stop that dangerous climb!

E: I can see it, through the window, it’s bright

E: We must hang the long, and colorful lights.

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