Dec 04
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Trees With Knees

Trees With Knees   

 It was a bright sunny morning with a cloudless sky and the light slipping its way through the trees branched I was sitting under. The tree was a large Pine tree with rivets of sap rolling down its side and under the tree and recited a poem I made.

“A pine tree stands strong
Through its branches the wind a song
The sunlight filters through
It seems the worlds anew
The pine tree still stands strong

A pine tree stays strong
All through the winter that's long
In Spring it's green
In Summer, on its branches, birds preen
And in the fall it chugs right along

A pine tree is just what we need.”
    “Twas a mighty fine poem young man,” said a voice behind me.
    “Who said that,” I say spinning around looking for the source of the voice.
    “Look up,” said a voice calming like looking at sap slowly rolling down a tree. “I have been here for centuries and have never revealed myself.”
    I looked up to see a soft smiling face looking down at me from the bark of the Pine tree.
    “What the heck are you,” I say with a mix of surprise and fascination. “You were just a plain old Pine tree a minute ago.”
    “I have been here for centuries as I said before” he whispered slightly annoyed with my insufficient listening. “I chose to show you my true self due to your poem.”
    I thought about how I would tell my friends and family that some trees could talk when I came up with an amazing question.
“If you can talk can you walk like the trees in The Lord Of The Rings”
“Of course where do you think J. R. R. Tolkien got his idea from,” said the Pine “He talked with my brother Oakland on a sunny day, not unlike this one.”
My mind was reeling. It was so full of questions I felt like I was going to implode.
“Prove you can walk,” I said challengingly “I dare you”
His roots rattled under the musky smelling dirt as they made their way up the ground shook with the force of a passenger plane.
“You insult the wise and ridicule the week you are no longer worthy to tread upon this earth”
Witha mighty step, I became a ghost no longer worthy to tread the earth.