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Trees cant speak

    Matthew Hayes
If the trees spoke and were able to move and do things like humans.  Then we wouldn't be as far as we are now. Man would probably have never made fire.  Man wouldn't have made civilization like it is today. We wouldn't speak a language. The trees would probably see us as a threat they would try to kill us off while we were young and week.  The trees would not want us. But wait that would mean the trees would have a mouth. Also, there is a type of tree that can move. Its called a His but its movement is super slow. Like unbelievable slow.  Also, trees would need muscles they would need to be a lot less dense than they are now so they could talk. Then they would need a brain and they would need organs so then they aren't even trees anymore. They would have to lose their cell walls then they won't have leaves and they would be made out of fleshy materials.  They wouldn't be able to stay that tall forever though because the gravity will slowly make them shorter. So trees cant talk...
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