Dec 04
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Young Writers, Week 12-Jenseny

I have more than just the normal senses. I can see, hear, feel and taste normal things, but I can also see music and voices, hear color and taste words. Things can get very weird because of that.

It’s also very confusing because so much is going on. When I’m in band I know I’m doing the right notes because they fly out of the bottom of my instrument. No one else can see that but me. With a lot of people in the room all playing a different instrument, to me it looks like we’re sitting in a cloud of musical notes. When someone talks, there’s a speaking bubble above them, like in comic books, and it shows the words of what they are saying. I can eavesdrop very easily. I sometimes don’t notice I’m eavesdropping till the bubble goes away and the person is finished talking.

Have you ever wanted to know what words taste like? They come in different varieties. If I hear a bland word, I taste something bland in my mouth. If someone says a bad, gross or mean word then I have a yucky taste in my mouth. My favorite words though are the sweet ones. They taste like candy. Sadly, I don’t hear them as much as I’d like to.If someone says a word that I find very informational or juicy, guess what, it is juicy in my mouth. It depends on if it’s a bad word or a good word for the flavor of the juice. Yes I know, that’s weird.

Have you ever thought color could say something? Well to me, it does. I have learned how to silence them though. Different colors have different personalities and voices. Bright colors are normally louder than the dark colors. They’re happier too, most of the time. Orange is a chatterbox, but I enjoy talking to it.

I do get weird looks from the people who can’t hear the voices of the colors. I’m used to it. People think I have lost my sanity. Maybe I have. Maybe I’ve never been born with sanity because I’ve been like this for as long as I can remember. As far as I know I’m the only person who have weird senses. I don’t know how I got it because my whole entire family has normal senses. I’ve had to learn how my senses worked because they are my senses and my family doesn’t understand. They except me for who I am though. That’s all I need.

Yes I’m an outcast but I love my life and wouldn’t trade it for any other one. I’m kind of happy I have weird senses. I get to experience different things than other people and it’s fun.

It’s an interesting life. Maybe there’s more people out there like me.