Dec 14
fiction 0 comments challenge: Kites

You're A Winner

I set the catapult on the small patch of grass I was able to reserve for the lowest price possible. I pulled down the trigger and pressed one of my knees into it to keep it steady. Then, I pulled my kite from my leather knapsack, holding it out in front of me. I admire its beauty: the carbon frame supporting the subtle yellow sail, the color of a dandelion on a warm, summer day, like today. I looked over the entire kite, examining the bridle, checking the spine. When I was satisfied, I pulled a smooth, round, ebony object from my pocket 一 the “brain” that would allow my kite to fight. I pushed the ON button, then pressed the device into the fabric of the sail. After a moment, it melted away, and it was as though it had never existed. Except, now the kite felt different 一 rejuvenated 一 humming with energy, as though ready to begin. I smiled. “You’re a winner,” I whispered.

BOOM! The ear-splitting clap of the starting cannon. I instantly pulled away from the catapult, and my kite shot into the sky like a gilded eagle. I stared in awe as other kites around the grassy meadow did the same. They swooped and soared, flying vigilantly at one another. My kite was… where was it? I’d lost it! I’d lost it in a sea of red, and purple, and black, and every other color imaginable. I scanned the sky 一 there! Silhouetted against the midday sun, my kite was engaged in a glorious battle with a black and red one. It sliced through part of the black kite’s sail with the razor-sharp tip of its lightweight frame. It was going to win! The opposing kite was losing momentum, and would fall at any minute….

Suddenly, a hole opened in the yellow sail of my kite 一 my beautiful kite! My kite that I’ve had since I was five! Ruined!

I didn’t even look up at the kite that had slain mine. I just watched, heartbroken, as bits of yellow fabric drifted through the air, like the feathers of a bird who had been shot mid-flight. Goodbye, I thought as the tears began to fall. Goodbye.