Dec 22
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The person over there in the corner with no friends
Or the one hanging on the edge of popularity
Sometimes we band together
Other times we stay solo
We have our own lives
We live them without being popular
We get our work done
Be quiet enough to go unnoticed
but loud enough for the teachers to see us
We sit alone on the bus
Sit at our own table

We try to be popular
Or try not to be
Some of us play games to take our mind away
Others get lost in shows or movies
But for some of us, the only escape is books like me
We are just a small island off the cost of the popular continent
Hidden just out of reach
Hidden by the continent
Some of us stay on the island
While others travel to the mainland
And like me, we sometimes come from the mainland to the island
Our island or despair
and rejoice
of life and death
We are Outcasts

We cry when one of our members leave
Other times we rejoice
We have our own lifestyle
Different from the others
Some people try to understand us
But most just let us be
We get the same jobs
Sometimes even better ones
We manage our time better
Because we don’t have to juggle 30 “friends”
We stay with our few
Or ourselves

All in all, we are the people that have decided not to be popular or the ones that just can’t be popular.

We are Outcasts whether we like it or not. But me I am proud