Dec 29

Writing on the Roof #5 - Songwriting with Matt LaRocca

WRITING ON THE ROOF is a series of writing workshops hosted by Young Writers Project in the rooftop conference room of the Karma Bird House, YWP's home base, at 47 Maple Street, Burlington. Seating is limited, so please sign up today. 

WHEN: Saturday, April 6, 10 am - 11:30 am
WHERE: Rooftop conference room, Karma Bird House, 47 Maple St., Burlington. Take the elevator from Maglianero Cafe to the third floor and follow the signs up to the top
HOW TO PAY: On the sign-up form, you can pay the $10 registration fee through PayPal or choose the scholarship option. You can also pay at the door, but please register first.


ABOUT THIS WORKSHOP: Songwriting with Matt LaRocca
In this workshop, we will find the rhythm and music in words, explore songwriting, and look at how to take your writings and transform them into a song. During this workshop, we will start composing a song from your own writing. No music experience necessary!


Matt LaRocca is a composer, performer and educator who you are just as likely to see playing with a band in a dive bar as conducting an orchestra. He is on the composition and theory faculty at the University of Vermont and is the Artistic Director of the Champlain Philharmonic Orchestra. He is also the Executive Director of Music-COMP, an organization that teaches composition to students throughout the country by pairing them with professional composers as mentors. Committed to new music and innovation, Matt loves bringing classical music to new audiences and new spaces through his work as the curator of the Vermont Symphony Orchestra’s Jukebox concert series. As a musician growing up in the '80s and '90s, Matt feels equally at home in both the rock and classical worlds. Matt frequently performs as a violist and guitarist in classical, rock and improvisation ensembles. He holds degrees in chemistry and music from Middlebury College and a doctorate in music composition from Boston University. 

Join YWP and Matt on April 6 on the Rooftop of the Karma Bird House! 

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Event Date: 
Saturday, April 6, 2019